We are a mining company that strongly believes in responsibility, accountability and cooperation with all of our stakeholders. By using responsible modern day mining practices and considering the support of the local communities to be integral to our mission, we believe that success of our projects can be done in a way the benefits the local people and mitigates impacts on the regionís environment.

Environmental Responsibility

In the past fifteen years the mining industry has undergone a shift in its thinking about corporate environmental responsibility. Todayís mining methods are significantly more environmentally and socially responsible than the methods practiced in past decades. Groups such as the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) and the Alliance for Responsible Mining have created new guidelines for industry standards to encourage mining companies to strike a balance between environmental and economic responsibility by developing and implementing plans that reduce environmental impact on the local land, water, air and population.

South American Silver is committed to implementing well-designed, well-managed, and well-regulated mining operations to maintain a consistent balance between our environmental and economic responsibilities. By proactively monitoring and managing the potential environmental impacts of exploration and development activities those impacts can often be mitigated or eliminated throughout the entire operation, from exploration to production to eventual shut down and closure.

We will look to empower employees to recognize the importance of practicing mining activities that are in accordance with authorities in each community and are designed to reduce their environmental impacts.

Community Relations

†At South American Silver, we believe that consideration for all our stakeholders is key to successful project development. Our dedicated Community Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility team has been working closely with the local communities in Bolivia to strengthen relationships, promote communication and address community needs and support local business development.

Our Management team has been conducting business for over 16 years in the region and understands the importance of a well-developed community relations program to encourage community participation while reducing potential delays. By working closely with the local communities, South American Silver has earned the trust of local communities and government and has set the stage for a mutually beneficial business and investment opportunity.